Sunday, November 4, 2012

Anniversary/Hurricane Sandy/Halloween

Well we just had our two year anniversary! Can you believe it's been two years!? Time is flying by i swear it was just yesterday we were getting married! Hurricane Sandy decided she was going to pay a little visit on our Anniversary. Brock got Monday and Tuesday off of work, which was awesome, but on the down side we couldn't do too much since there was a hurricane going on outside. So we watched many movies and ate too many snacks ha. We were lucky and didn't lose power and everything was fine. So grateful for that!

In the distant is the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. This was the day before the Hurricane.

Storm Day.

Hannah and I decided we were going to have a scary dinner ha. This is our dessert chocolate pudding with oreo's and worms!

Cheese ball covered in meet. Suppose to look like flesh.

Our pumpkin is on the right our friends is on the left.

Our 30 minute costumes ha I was a nerd Brock a hockey player and Hannah was Cat Von Dee and Andrew was a Gothic person.


We went to Gettysburg a couple weekends ago with all of the U interns. The U graciously paid for it all, how nice of them! It was so beautiful there!

This was our tour guide. He was cute :)

This is my friend Hannah! YAY for friends!

The wind was a little crazy as you can tell and I don't know why my leg is like that ha

This is Hannah's husband Andrew. They wanted a manly picture ha

DC Picture Attack

Here are a ton more pictures! It is getting so pretty in DC! All the leaves are starting to change and the weather is cooling down. It makes me miss home though..sad. But we will be home in a couple months!

So this place is the place to go if you are in DC so Brock and I decided to check it out...wasn't that good ha.

Love this place! The waffles are amazing!

These are the Kennedy's graves. There is a flame always going in remembrance.

This was so awesome! Everybody was so reverent and respectful. 


This was in Old Town Alexandria not sure which bridge that is but thought it was pretty!

This is at the Museum of American History. Brock made a friend!

The original Muppets. Scary right!

Muhammad's boxing gloves

Brock as President!

First woman president! HA!

Lincoln's top hat

Loved this piano! Would love to own it!