Sunday, August 14, 2011

Salt Lake ready or not here we come...

Where to start...summer has come and gone so fast this year. I feel like we've just got settled in and now we are moving. It has been a fun and interesting summer here in Wayne county. The summer nights here are so pretty and quite. If you listen hard enough I'm pretty sure you could here a flys' wings that's how quite it is here. It is so peaceful and serene. We've had so much fun here and made some great memories. A big thanks to Skip and Faun for letting us live with them. Now for a new adventure. We are moving to Salt Lake in four days. Not quite sure how i feel about this. I'm excited to start on our own again and to have our own space, (No offense to Skip and Faun we love you), I'm excited for new adventures and new friends, but also very nervous to be living in such a large city and a very diverse society. I think, well I know I've been very sheltered growing up in Delta and i know I'm going to be in for a shock when i get up there. But all in all i know if I put my faith in our Heavenly Father I know he will look out for Brock and I and guide us in our life. My next post may not be for awhile not sure if we have the internet or not. I will try to keep you all posted about life in the big city!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fort Time

While Brock was on his last fire Lauren and I decided we would make a fort! We built it upstairs in the "hang out" area with blankets, coat racks, pvc pipe, and a fan! We watched Harry Potter and snacked all night! It was fun!

Lauren and her wand she made

Isn't he such a doll?! Oh I just Love him!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fourth of July!

Well it happened again....I didn't have my man with me for the Fourth. He was called on a fire to New Mexico...dang those fires ha. I went home to Delta for the 4th and had some family from Salt Lake come down. We woke up early Monday morning and went to the parade! Not gonna lie Delta has a pretty awesome parade for how little we are. After the parade we went down to that park and there were a ton of booths set up and a concert and a fishing! No no not fishing with a pole but with your hands and about a billion other little kids. I know you all must be thinking Chaley aren't you a little old to be doing that?  But don't you worry I was only helping out my neice and nephews. It was a lot harder to catch those darn things than I thought. Every time I went to grab one it would slip right out of my hands. So needless to say some older gentlemen helped us catch one ha. We also went to the demolition derby that night as well. Man I love the Fourth in Delta! Best ever!!

Tilly and Me!

Tilly, my sister Sara, and Tenley

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My nephew Jaden and a Lizard

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Neff's Lake

A few weeks ago Brock took me up to Neffs Lake where we went fishing and had an awesome four-wheeler ride. It was such a beautiful day! Brock had a few bites on his line but i was the big winner! I caught a fish! I am not bad luck after all...ha. It was a fun day and I hope we can do it again...hint hint Brock :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baby Pics.

Just want to show you how freaking adorable Brock's baby picture is! And mine! When the time comes we are going to have good looking babies....just sayin hahaha. No we are not having a baby nor any time soon, just letting you know ha.

Adorable right! Just thought I would share!! 

A little catching up...

Well where to start ha..It has been awhile since my last post. About two weeks ago Brock got called to a fire in Childress Texas. He was gone for a little over two weeks, this was the first time we've been apart since getting married and no lie it sucked. I went to my parents house when Brock left to visit the fam. While i was there i got a little crafty! I brought my dining room chairs with me to paint because one was white and the other brown, they were pretty beat up too. I decided to go with a bright blue color and found the perfect fabric to recover the seats. I love them!!

My sister-in-law gave me a cute shelf that I also painted the same color.

When Brock got home we headed to Lake Powell! We went down Friday morning with Skip, Faun, and Lauren. It was such a perfect day!! There was no wind and the water was so smooth! Skip took us wakeboarding and tubing...not gonna lie tubing is not my thing so Inwas a little scared ha. Brock and Skip went spear fishing but didn't have any luck. So then we decided to go fishing! I was way excited and was going to out fish everyone...and wouldn't you know i left my fishing license in the truck! Grr I was a little mad and sad. But then I had a genius idea! I would just catch some fish with the net..there were huge carp swimming pretty close to the surface so i thought oh yeah i can get one of those ha. They were to fast so i couldn't catch one :( Brock had a few bites but the big winner was Skip! He caught a good size large mouth bass and also a walleye! I have never seen a walleye before it was so creepy but so cool! While headed back to our little camp site, a dumb boat cop pulled us over and gave us a ticket because me and Brock were sitting in the "death zone" so the cop says. It is the space between the back ledge and the back seats, so that padded area in between those two areas. So we got a ticket for that..lame. Then it was time to go home ha.

There are alot more pics on Facebook these are just the ones from my phone.

Brocks friends headed down Friday night so Brock and I ended up staying the night with them and playing all day Saturday. We slept just on the ground with some sleeping bags and wouldn't ya know a sand storm decided to come that night ha! It blew dirt everywhere! I was awake for about 5 minutes of it then was out! I was pretty tired I guess ha. We had alot of fun meeting new people and making new friends. We wakeboarded, fished, ate yummy food, and cliff jumped! Yep that's right I jumped off of a little cliff! It was probably the size of the high dive at the swimming pool but it seemed alot higher! It took me about 15 minutes to jump but it was fun! I got tons of water up my nose and started coughing when I came up, couldn't breath, and then my ears hurt really bad hahaha. But it was worth it! Lots of pictures on Facebook!!!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fishing Pictures

Last night we went fishing to Fish Lake! We got there and it was beautiful! It was pretty cold though not gonna lie. All of us casted our lines out and waited for the fish to bite! Unfortanetly we didn't cath a dang thing! Skip finally caught one at around 9:30 and that was it! I must be bad luck or something I swear. Before we left Brock said to me, "if we don't catch anything we are blaming it on you haha." Even though we didn't have much luck catching anything we had an awesome dinner! Skip and Brock made some hobo dinners and the were delicious! In spite of the coldness and not catching any fish we sure did have a blast!

Laruen and I freezing....I think the smoke of the campfire got in the picture, sorry!

My fishing pole!!

My babe the mighty fisher!


The one and only fish! haha good job Skip!



Monday, May 16, 2011

The big move to Wayne County!

Well we've been here in Lyman for a little over three weeks now and it's been great! Brock started work last week and is loving it. I am just chilling here at the house cleaning, watching movies, and reading books. I've read MATCHED and UNEARTHLY so far and they were both amazing! I read both of them in a couple days, that's how good they were! I would totally recommend them they are more Young Adult books but I loved them! I made the name of the books links so check them out! Now I'm reading a book called If I Stay by Gayle Forman. I will let you know how it is! Isn't it great it great to have a mother-in-law as a librarian?! Thanks Faun!

We made a trip to Delta this last weekend and had a blast at the Rock Crawls! It was so much fun! I have a ton of pictures to post but don't have them on my computer yet so I will have to post them later.

Today we are going fishing at Fish Lake with Skip and Lauren, should be a fun time! I hope we catch something! I swear Brock and I have the worst luck when it comes to fishing every time we have gone we haven't caught a single thing or even had a nibble! Those fish better be prepared to meet their maker today though (yes I mean me) haha! I'll post some pics of our adventure later tonight or tomorrow!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter Party?!

So I am in charge for a party for my work for the month of April, I want to do something with Easter but am having a hard time deciding what to do....So if any one has any ideas I would love to hear them! It doesn't have to do with Easter maybe I should do a random holiday that they have in Egypt or somewhere......hhhmm.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So my last post i said we would upload some pictures from our trip to Delta. Unfortunately i did not get any pictures. The weather was so crappy! So we didn't do too much just painted my mom's cabinet for her bathroom. That's about all we did. HA!
It was nice enough weather a couple days ago that we decided to have a BBQ! My sister had bought us a grill for a wedding present and we finally got to use it! We grilled up some bratwurst and had some macaroni salad. YUM!!

My cutie patootie!


Grill Master!
So I bought Brock a camo snuggie for Christmas for a joke and he was in utter disgust that i did that but i thought it was hilarious! He told me he would never wear it ever. I have caught Brock wearing his snuggie numerous times. Here is the proof. This is Brock on Sunday "watching" Conference.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Little pigs. Little pigs. Oh I love little pigs.

Okay sooo lately Brock and I have been in love with pygmy pigs. The only get to about 20 pounds full grown and you train them just like you would a dog. I think it would be so much fun to have one and keep for a pet for a couple years. The downside to owning one is that they cost about 1800 dollars just to buy a female I think the males are a little less. So I believe we will not be getting one unless some farmer sees us and says, "Hey want this free pig?" Which I doubt will happen...sigh...Too be honest I think I'm obssed with anything little I like little pigs and little goats! But you have to admit anything little is cute right?

Isn't that the cutest thing you have ever seen?!

This weekend we are headed down to good ol' Delta. Brock and I really want to go up the canyon and have a fire, roast mallows, and hot dogs. Hint hint Dad ha! My mom told me that the motocross is going on this weekend so we will probably go check that out as well. I just hope the weather is nice. Yesterday was such a beautiful day and i'm afraid today it's going to I hate it when it is such nice weather then the next day it sucks. So I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for good weather! Pics are soon to come!! :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Puzzles and Goat's

I love doing puzzles and i'm in love with goats at the moment. I think they are the cutest darn things! I want one :) not a big goat but a pygmy goat! Ohhhh I love them!

This is my latest puzzle. It was so much fun to do! Brock bought it for me for Christmas.
Isn't he so cute! 

Wayne County

This last weekend we made a trip down to Wayne county to visit with Brock's Family. All the siblings came down because Nicole, Blake (her husband), Makell, Jedd (her husband) are leaving to go to Greenville, South Carolina for the summer. Both Jed and Blake work for Vivent which we all know it as APX, they recently changed their name. On our way down we stopped in Scipio so I could use the potty and lo and behold there was a petting zoo there! Yep a petting zoo at the Flying J in Scipio who would of thunk. Of course we had to go over there not sure if Brock wanted to but I sure did! There was the cutest zebra there. That's right a Zebra!! They had some goats, rabbits, a couple llamas, a couple ostrich lookin birds not too sure if they were ostrich's or not ha, little pony's, and some roosters. The large devil bird aka Ostrich bird scared Brock pretty good he was standing by the fence and Brock didn't notice the bird had ran up to the fence and when he noticed he jumped back pretty far hahah I got a good laugh out of it. When we got there to Wayne we played some baseball in the backyard! It was so fun to be outside and the weather was actually nice! We played some soccer as well. Saturday and Sunday we didn't do too much because the weather was ridiculously cold and the wind blew like it was the last time it was going to blow, so we stayed in and played games! We went to Lauren's school play Saturday, it was pretty funny not gonna lie! It was called "The chicken is cooped of you didn't send me flowers" it was a slap stick comedy play. Lauren did an amazing job! She is such a good actress! Must take after her brother ha!

Why hello lady

Devil bird

Cutest horse ever! 
 This is the only pic I got in Wayne...Brock holding Cougar Makell's dog in the air and singing Lion King ha!