Monday, February 14, 2011

Cookies :)

I found this awesome link to these scandalous cookies :) Want to make some too. Go here. I thought they were so funny and original! I was so excited show Brock what I had found and when I showed him his reply was, "well those are dumb." Ha well I still thought they were cute so I made them for a work party! I took them to work today and everyone loved them they were a huge hit! I couldn't find a heart shaped cookie cutter anywhere! So I had to cut them out with a knife so don't look too close. I also couldn't find cute sprinkles :( oh well I thought they turned out cute for my first try!
                         Here are the cute bums with little thongs on them hehe

The front :)

These were so much fun to make! It was a huge hit!


  1. oh my gosh I love these!!!! so fun cha!!!

  2. I'm dying!!!! hahaha! I am so making them next year!!! They are hilarious!!

  3. They were so much fun to make! I'm for sure going to have to make them next year too!