Sunday, August 14, 2011

Salt Lake ready or not here we come...

Where to start...summer has come and gone so fast this year. I feel like we've just got settled in and now we are moving. It has been a fun and interesting summer here in Wayne county. The summer nights here are so pretty and quite. If you listen hard enough I'm pretty sure you could here a flys' wings that's how quite it is here. It is so peaceful and serene. We've had so much fun here and made some great memories. A big thanks to Skip and Faun for letting us live with them. Now for a new adventure. We are moving to Salt Lake in four days. Not quite sure how i feel about this. I'm excited to start on our own again and to have our own space, (No offense to Skip and Faun we love you), I'm excited for new adventures and new friends, but also very nervous to be living in such a large city and a very diverse society. I think, well I know I've been very sheltered growing up in Delta and i know I'm going to be in for a shock when i get up there. But all in all i know if I put my faith in our Heavenly Father I know he will look out for Brock and I and guide us in our life. My next post may not be for awhile not sure if we have the internet or not. I will try to keep you all posted about life in the big city!


  1. FUN! Salt Lake is definitely a change. Even just working up there is so different than what I am used to, but it is really fun! You learn to love it.

  2. Salt Lake is where Monty and I lived right after we got married. It was a real change at first, but we had fun! You survived Provo, you should be fine!

  3. No offense taken! haha! We LOVED having you with us this summer... we miss you already! This summer has given us the opportunity to get to know and LOVE you even more! You are the kind of person that will bloom wherever you are planted and people will fall in love with you every where you live. You won the hearts of so many in Wayne County! Love you!!!