Thursday, August 30, 2012

More Pictures!

This is inside of the Smithsonian Castle

This picture is for Lauren. The title of it is Two men carrying Narwhal ha!

This it the Museum of Natural History

It's a sea turtle!

Yes that is right that's a little Shark!

Oh don't worry that's just a whale!

I'm not sure what this little guy is but I liked him a lot ha!

This picture reminded me of The Lion King

Look at that little cutie-pa-tootie!

This was a burger place. It was fun and had lots of vintage stuff in it. It smelled a little funny though. But the food was good!

This is at the Hirshorm Museum. Brock and I aren't quite sure how we feel about it.

Brock's Zodiac symbol
My Zodiac symbol. Booyeah mine is cool!
This was pretty cool they had the Zodiac symbols in a huge circle. I liked this one a lot.

Sorry this picture is a little out of place but this is inside of the Smithsonian Castle. There is the hockey stuff used in the movie Miracle and Kristi Yamaguchis ice skates

Cool little bird we liked at the Natural History Museum

This thing was crazy!! Also at the Natural History Museum it is an octopus! A real one, well not alive but you know what i mean ha. It looked so gross but i couldn't help but stare at it ha!

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