Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Date Night

Not much has been going on in the life of the Jackson's, same ol' same ol'. I'm just working away and Brock is studying his brains out....pretty exciting I know. We did go on a date night with a couple friends of Brock's. Rhett and Dennis came but they did not bring dates hahah so it was me with all of Brock's friends. We decided to go to Trafalga and play some mini golf and play some arcade games. Brock took second and i took third, all four of us got a hole in one it was awesome! After Trafalga we went to Farr's and got some ice cream! It was way yummy! If you haven't been there I recommend going! It is right next to the University movie theaters in Orem.
Outside playing mini golf

Playing Buck Hunter

There's Rhett!

I look kind of scary in this pic I know

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Driving Home

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