Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wayne County

This last weekend we made a trip down to Wayne county to visit with Brock's Family. All the siblings came down because Nicole, Blake (her husband), Makell, Jedd (her husband) are leaving to go to Greenville, South Carolina for the summer. Both Jed and Blake work for Vivent which we all know it as APX, they recently changed their name. On our way down we stopped in Scipio so I could use the potty and lo and behold there was a petting zoo there! Yep a petting zoo at the Flying J in Scipio who would of thunk. Of course we had to go over there not sure if Brock wanted to but I sure did! There was the cutest zebra there. That's right a Zebra!! They had some goats, rabbits, a couple llamas, a couple ostrich lookin birds not too sure if they were ostrich's or not ha, little pony's, and some roosters. The large devil bird aka Ostrich bird scared Brock pretty good he was standing by the fence and Brock didn't notice the bird had ran up to the fence and when he noticed he jumped back pretty far hahah I got a good laugh out of it. When we got there to Wayne we played some baseball in the backyard! It was so fun to be outside and the weather was actually nice! We played some soccer as well. Saturday and Sunday we didn't do too much because the weather was ridiculously cold and the wind blew like it was the last time it was going to blow, so we stayed in and played games! We went to Lauren's school play Saturday, it was pretty funny not gonna lie! It was called "The chicken is cooped of you didn't send me flowers" it was a slap stick comedy play. Lauren did an amazing job! She is such a good actress! Must take after her brother ha!

Why hello lady

Devil bird

Cutest horse ever! 
 This is the only pic I got in Wayne...Brock holding Cougar Makell's dog in the air and singing Lion King ha!


  1. That petting zoo was a riot!! The emus were pretty scary, but it was fun feeding them. I wanted to take the brown lama home! That was such a fun weekend, I'm really glad you guys could come. I love being with family. We should hav taken more pics!

  2. I was gonna say, that's an emu honey, not an ostrich, but Makell beat me to it! Looks like fun! A Zebra! That's so cool!

  3. hey we stopped at this petting zoo thats by the wendy's! the baby zebra is so cute huh!!! kinda a fun huh! it looks like the baby zebra has gotten lots bigger since last time we saw it! i should post my pics of it too!!!