Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A little catching up...

Well where to start ha..It has been awhile since my last post. About two weeks ago Brock got called to a fire in Childress Texas. He was gone for a little over two weeks, this was the first time we've been apart since getting married and no lie it sucked. I went to my parents house when Brock left to visit the fam. While i was there i got a little crafty! I brought my dining room chairs with me to paint because one was white and the other brown, they were pretty beat up too. I decided to go with a bright blue color and found the perfect fabric to recover the seats. I love them!!

My sister-in-law gave me a cute shelf that I also painted the same color.

When Brock got home we headed to Lake Powell! We went down Friday morning with Skip, Faun, and Lauren. It was such a perfect day!! There was no wind and the water was so smooth! Skip took us wakeboarding and tubing...not gonna lie tubing is not my thing so Inwas a little scared ha. Brock and Skip went spear fishing but didn't have any luck. So then we decided to go fishing! I was way excited and was going to out fish everyone...and wouldn't you know i left my fishing license in the truck! Grr I was a little mad and sad. But then I had a genius idea! I would just catch some fish with the net..there were huge carp swimming pretty close to the surface so i thought oh yeah i can get one of those ha. They were to fast so i couldn't catch one :( Brock had a few bites but the big winner was Skip! He caught a good size large mouth bass and also a walleye! I have never seen a walleye before it was so creepy but so cool! While headed back to our little camp site, a dumb boat cop pulled us over and gave us a ticket because me and Brock were sitting in the "death zone" so the cop says. It is the space between the back ledge and the back seats, so that padded area in between those two areas. So we got a ticket for that..lame. Then it was time to go home ha.

There are alot more pics on Facebook these are just the ones from my phone.

Brocks friends headed down Friday night so Brock and I ended up staying the night with them and playing all day Saturday. We slept just on the ground with some sleeping bags and wouldn't ya know a sand storm decided to come that night ha! It blew dirt everywhere! I was awake for about 5 minutes of it then was out! I was pretty tired I guess ha. We had alot of fun meeting new people and making new friends. We wakeboarded, fished, ate yummy food, and cliff jumped! Yep that's right I jumped off of a little cliff! It was probably the size of the high dive at the swimming pool but it seemed alot higher! It took me about 15 minutes to jump but it was fun! I got tons of water up my nose and started coughing when I came up, couldn't breath, and then my ears hurt really bad hahaha. But it was worth it! Lots of pictures on Facebook!!!


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