Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fishing Pictures

Last night we went fishing to Fish Lake! We got there and it was beautiful! It was pretty cold though not gonna lie. All of us casted our lines out and waited for the fish to bite! Unfortanetly we didn't cath a dang thing! Skip finally caught one at around 9:30 and that was it! I must be bad luck or something I swear. Before we left Brock said to me, "if we don't catch anything we are blaming it on you haha." Even though we didn't have much luck catching anything we had an awesome dinner! Skip and Brock made some hobo dinners and the were delicious! In spite of the coldness and not catching any fish we sure did have a blast!

Laruen and I freezing....I think the smoke of the campfire got in the picture, sorry!

My fishing pole!!

My babe the mighty fisher!


The one and only fish! haha good job Skip!

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